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We are able to expand a number of different automobile services at any time you need. Let us pretend that you fortuitously locked your only car key in your GMC car one night. By simply calling us, a locksmith will be send to you and take care of the issue. We warranty that no damage will be done to your motor while attempting to unlock it. We can even make you an extra key so that you can perhaps avoid repeating this scenario in the future. Our locksmiths are constantly learning so that they keep up to date on the locks being put on cars today. We are experienced in lock and ignition lock repairs. No matter what kind of lock problem you are encountering in your car, we can help. All you have to do is contact us, so do not wait! 

Expect first class automotive locksmith servicing from us. You can get 24 hour solutions for your various lock-out situations like trunk lockouts; car lockouts, ignition keys and auto lock replacement are easily ready. Our team and technicians are well-trained and highly efficient and you can expect exceptional auto locksmithing services from them.

Repair / Replacement of Ignition Cylinders


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Car Lockout Service

Car lockouts can be very annoying especially when you are in haste. Many car lockout situations happen when drivers lock their cars but mistakenly leave their car keys inside their cars. Here, there is nothing that can be done to solve the issue unless the best locksmith services are called to help out. Philadelphia Locksmith is one of the best services to call when you face a car lockout problem. This is because there will always be trained auto locksmith’s to supply you with every car lockout replacement need you have.

Transponder Keys

When a transponder key is turned in the ignition, the car's engine control unit (ECU) conveys an electronic message to the key. The car only starts if it has received the correct message. Even with a simple car key which does not have any buttons, the key has to be cut correctly so that it can do the job of turning the locks. It also has to be programmed correctly so that the immobilizer is disarmed. Transponder keys have chips that have to be programmed with the use of specialized equipment. You need the expert help from our technician when these keys play up.